February 18, 2010

    Dear Friends,
    We were all devastated to hear the news of Jamie’s metastatic diagnosis. Let’s pool our energy and emotion into something positive and celebrate the amazing woman Jamie is and the ways she has touched our lives. I will be putting together a Legacy Book for Jamie and her family. I’m not sure what form the book will take, i.e. scrapbook, photo book, memory box, etc., so I will just let the creative spirit take hold. I’m asking each of you to reflect on the time that you’ve spent with Jamie and create something to put in the Legacy Book. I will collect all the entries and find a way to present them in a way that will allow them to experience Jamie forever.

    Here are some ideas of what to do, but do not let this list be a limit to your creativity.

    * Write a letter to Jamie
    * Write a letter to Kayden and/or Aaron
    * Jot down memories and funny stories about your time together
    * Send in pictures
    * Draw a picture
    * Send in a memento of your time together
    * Take a video of yourself or send in a video of you and Jamie
    * Make something to put in the book or box
    * Write a poem
    * Send a famous quote or story that you find embodies you, Jamie or how you are feeling right now

    Each of you experience Jamie in your own way, and each of you is an individual. I’d like for your entry to be an expression of who you are as well as who Jamie is. Who we surround ourselves with is a reflection of who we are as people so don’t be afraid to be you!

    Please take some time in doing this and give it some thoughtful consideration. You are welcome to send in just a few lines or as many pages and memories as you’d like. This is a way for us to process and deal with the diagnosis as much as it will be a gift for Jamie and her family. She has shared her journey with us and now it’s our turn to give back our part of the journey.

    Any questions, feedback or finished entries can be sent to:

    Liz Houston
    35 Via Nerisa
    San Clemente, CA 92673